Places in the Heart: Where Memories Reside

People develop strange attachments to places. Good memories, bad experiences, and people we love seem to get imprinted into places like “home,” “school,” and “church” in a way we can’t easily explain. Walking through these significant places can bring a flood of emotion. Places are much more than physical spaces but include our emotional attachments … Continue reading Places in the Heart: Where Memories Reside

Crime, Punishment, and Redemption

Russian author Fyodor Dostoevsky closes his classic novel Crime and Punishment, with the imprisoned character, Raskolnikov, making the smallest turn toward God. A radical thinker-turned-murderer, Raskolnikov begins rejecting his past life and hopes to find a new life. He begins to believe. The story ends there, with Raskolnikov on the verge of transformation. Dostoevsky writes, … Continue reading Crime, Punishment, and Redemption