Places in the Heart: Where Memories Reside

People develop strange attachments to places. Good memories, bad experiences, and people we love seem to get imprinted into places like “home,” “school,” and “church” in a way we can’t easily explain. Walking through these significant places can bring a flood of emotion. Places are much more than physical spaces but include our emotional attachments … Continue reading Places in the Heart: Where Memories Reside

Crime, Punishment, and Redemption

Russian author Fyodor Dostoevsky closes his classic novel Crime and Punishment, with the imprisoned character, Raskolnikov, making the smallest turn toward God. A radical thinker-turned-murderer, Raskolnikov begins rejecting his past life and hopes to find a new life. He begins to believe. The story ends there, with Raskolnikov on the verge of transformation. Dostoevsky writes, … Continue reading Crime, Punishment, and Redemption

Is ‘my’ culture is better than ‘your’ culture?

Culture is a curious thing. Ask anyone to describe the ideal human culture and, chances are, the person will describe a culture very similar to his or her own. Some may point to subtle differences between the ideal and their own, but people tend to believe their own culture is not only "good" but "best." Can … Continue reading Is ‘my’ culture is better than ‘your’ culture?