I’ll have a white Christmas, that much is sure. I’m spending Christmas in Russia. No, not December 25. I’ll be in New Orleans with my family that day. Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas on January 7. So I’ll experience a white Christmas in Moscow this year … or … next year … in Russia.

The reason for going – a mission trip. Our team will prayer walk, distribute flyers, worship with Russian Baptists and fellowship with American missionaries. Most of all, we are trying to share the love of Christ with the busy people in the sprawling city of Moscow.

Of course we’ll take time visit Red Square and the Kermlin and we’ll take photos in front of St. Basil’s. I’ll be working on several articles during this quick trip – Jan. 4-11. I hope to blog during the trip if I can find an Internet connection.

Back home in New Orleans, King Cakes will begin appearing on Jan. 6 – Epiphany. Twelve days after Christmas, Epiphany commemorates the visit of the Magi after Jesus’ birth. King Cakes are bread-like pastries than represent the “kings’” journey. Quite tasty.

I’m excited about the trip to Russia. And am excited about my first King Cake of the new year even if it comes a week late.

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