When ‘You’ means ‘Y’all’: Recognizing Community in an Individualistic Culture

The irony of my critique of the English language is not lost on me. Despite being a writer, I don't always show proper respect for English rules. I absolutely love dangling modifiers, split infinitives, and ending sentences with prepositions. The presence or absence of Oxford commas triggers no emotional response from me. Oh, and I … Continue reading When ‘You’ means ‘Y’all’: Recognizing Community in an Individualistic Culture


NOLA Flag with SkylinesLate 2009Top: Acrylic on canvas panelBottom: Acrylic and newspaper on canvas panelThe background is a stylized version of the New Orleans flag. I personally like the newsprint version the best. I mean look at how I hand-selected each piece of newsprint for each specific spot in the painting. Most other people like … Continue reading Skyline

Street Signs

Arts, Music, MelodyThird-generation of the Street Signs collection.Early 2008Acrylic on canvas panelThese really capture all that I wanted to capture with the paintings. I used only primary colors and used street names that describe the city.I also painted one with "Faith, Hope, Joy"