Day Seven: May 31

The road is always longer on the way home. You’ve seen all the sights and experienced all the fun things and now all you can think about is making it home. No bed is better than your own — that includes the wonderful beds in Wigwam Motel and Motel Safari. By the way – this is the eighth day since we left Oklahoma on our Grand Canyon/Route 66 Trip. It’s actually been 10 days since we left home.

I miss my bed. I miss my Lazy Boy chair. Most of all, I miss my dog

Random notes from the road:
– My nephew Mitchell tried to get every semi truck we passed to honk (100s of trucks). The first six days he only managed to get three honks. On day 7, he got 11 honks.
– I think Mitchell’s right bicep is larger than his left from all the honk motions he made on the trip.
– Talking with the people along the way has been the best part of the journey Americana is nothing with out Americans. We also encountered many nice Europeans, Asians and other international travelers.
– It’s really windy from Oklahoma City to Albuquerque.
– We have traveled 3,100 miles since leaving NOLA
– Jonathan snores

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